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Not to conquer others, but to conquer the weakness within oneself...this is the purpose of Hei-Wado karate training at Japan Karate Institute Daniel Island. As a traditional dojo, the aim of our instruction is to develop respect, focus, discipline and self-esteem in our students. We do not teach “how to fight” nor do we promote violence as a way to handle confrontation. Using centuries-old techniques and methods, the karate-ka (practitioners of karate) who train in our dojo not only learn a practical, potentially lethal and highly effective form of martial art, they also learn the humbleness, respect and responsibility that is required when attaining such skills.

Take a few moments to explore our website and learn more about our programs. Then, contact us to schedule your free introductory class. I am confident that, once you participate in a class, you will see that we offer the best martial arts training in the Lowcountry.

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Sensei Glenn Raus, 3rd Dan

Owner & Dojo Cho

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